The Next Step partners with Zen4 – wellness designed with your employees in mind!

The Zen4 program is designed to help you live a stress-free life, feel great in your body, and experience more moments with more energy than ever.

We get it. You’ve got big goals ahead of you! We’re here to help! Zen4 offers a variety of corporate packages including workshops, custom programs, and more.

Zen4 changes you from the inside – helping you become the best version of you!

Kyle McMillan, HR + Benefits Alliance Real Estate

Zen4 is a self-guided lifestyle program designed to transform lives. This 4-week online program will teach you simple, yet enjoyable ways to nurture your health, focusing on four key areas: mindfulness, nourishment, movement and lifestyle.

Think of Zen4 like spring cleaning, your re-set button, or your wellness roadmap that you can stick with, no matter what life throws at you.

Connect with positive energy, feel great in your body, and enjoy more meaningful moments. This program is designed with you in mind!

What does it include?
  • The Zen4 Kit (your Zen4 Program Guide, Zen4’s Inspirational Cards, and a few other tools and surprises that you will love!)
  • Your Personalized Zen4 Score Report
  • A fabulous community of Zen4-ers
  • Weekly tips, reminders, podcasts, and support
  • Access to Zen4’s online portal, including all 6 video series


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