Create a Social Media marketing roadmap

Client: SLM, LLC
Working Time: May 2017 – July 2018
Purpose: Build initial brand awareness using social media marketing.

For an organization, one of the most important things you can do is to create a brand. That said, most companies work to develop a brand over time – incorporating print, television and social. But for companies with limited budget or time, social media presents a unique opportunity to quickly articulate to customers who and what you are.

This client came to us with bold ambition and a great product. It was important that the brand be recognized by the right customers. In the industry, the term ‘omni’ best represents the clients vision – the brand should be consistent when presented on tablet, mobile, social.

Working with the clients photographers, designers and web development team, we helped craft an omni-strategy that presented the brand in a consistent and clear manner. Across all platforms, the company was represented the same – helping customers to connect and understand the value proposition. The engagement was a success, and the brand has continued to grow significant marketshare.

Key Areas of Focus


Evaluation and feedback, providing information on what works and why.


We help organizations make critical decisions related to technology.


Ensure the right people are engaged and creating value from day one.

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‘The first impression is what matters to our customers. Our brand has to nail it on day one.’ – Gary, Chief Marketing Officer