Implementation of a mobile check deposit application

Client: Financial Institution
Working Time: January 2017 – January 2018
Purpose: Сreate an application which allowed end users to take a picture of checks and obtain access to funds immediately.

Consumers are moving more toward mobile technology. Companies must learn to adopt new technology that enhances the relationship between products and customers in a mobile world. The faster an organization can support a strong relationship between products and mobile access, the stronger the brand will become in the coming years.

The financial institution we partnered for this initiative was well aware of the importance of speed, reliability and access to banking services for the customers. They were slowly decreasing the amount of bank tellers in branches, and even reducing the ATM count. It was critical to growth that an application allowed consumers to continue to conduct banking transactions with mobile devices.

After completing several rounds of vendor evaluations, a product was selected that would allow a rapid deployment with customized code to enhance the bank services for customers. In a supporting role, we partnered to finalize vendor negotiations and structure implementation – resulting in cost savings and rapid deployment to the entire customer base.

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‘Our customers come first. We had to provide the services they want and we had do it fast. This was a win for everyone involved.’ – Erin, Head of Regional Banking