Portfolio governance and product management

Client: Healthcare Startup
Working Time: February 2016 – January 2017
Purpose: СDesign and implement several program level initiatives to manage new product launch to customers. 

Working with companies who have products to launch is not something we take lightly. The importance of getting everything ready prior to Go Live is sometimes more important than the products themselves. That’s why when this client reached out to partner, we were ready for the challenge.

The company was faced with a late release, and several changes in management. It was mission critical that the product launch not miss the ‘date’ and that current products not be impacted by the launch. That meant careful resource planning and project alignment to ensure no crossover between support and delivery teams.

We jumped right in, and were able to provide the guidance and leadership support to get the product to the customers as planned. Using different portfolio management tools, we aligned all products/projects to have a clear map to Go Live, and prepared the client with a plan for continued success. The process became smooth like it was second nature!


Ensure the right people are engaged and creating value from day one.


Evaluation and feedback, providing information on what works and why.


We help organizations make critical decisions related to technology.

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‘We now have the capabilities to enhance our products quickly within our own teams. It was an eye-opening experience having guidance from an agency with this level of ‘know-how’. – Matt, SVP of Products