Align budget and program portfolio

Client: Technology Startup
Working Time: May 2016 – October 2016
Purpose: Analyze term sheets from several potential investors and determine best plan based on product launch dates.

At the right time in a company’s growth, capital investment can be a catalyst to expedite expansion. In many cases, this process is complex involving many different inputs to create the right partnership. Having a trusted partner assist in this process can be helpful, providing both expertise and advice along the way.

For this startup, the ideal scenario involved both an entry and exit strategy. As the owner was ready to move on to other ventures, it was imperative that the term sheets involve a smooth transition period allowing management to continue growth without interruption. We launched an aggressive campaign targeted at finding partners who believed in the product, but were also flexible enough to allow management to make decisions on the exit strategy.

The search was successful, and the organization was able to find a partner who had the experience and knowledge to help the owner achieve the objective. We were pleased to conduct the search, provide the data and help put in to paper. It  was a great success story.

Key Areas of Focus


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Consulting where it makes sense. Talent, reputation and innovation.


Guidance for the most critical part of your journey.

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‘There are always several options on the table when looking at growth strategy. It was important we work with a team that really understood our company and listened to our needs.’ – Bob, VP Finance