Implementation of Microsoft Office 365

Client: Healthcare Provider
Working Time: May 2015 – October 2016
Purpose: Update existing employee productivity tools using cost effective cloud based technology

Technology continues to help organizations exceed goals in shorter time frames. Cloud technology is one of the primary drivers that companies can utilize to gain a competitive advantage. When we were approached to lead an initiative which incorporated cutting edge technology from an industry leader we jumped at the opportunity.

Our team worked alongside the client to understand the company culture, and determine a path forward that would support ‘business as usual’ and help drive new innovative processes. The client was challenged with communication and timing, so our team assisted in developing an approach which ensured clear and consistent messaging and aligned with company projects and financial commitments.

In the end, the organization was able to successfully transition to a data-centric cloud technology model; saving both time and money during the process.

Key Areas of Focus


Guidance for the most critical part of your journey.


Providing a clear line of sight to your goals, ensuring high quality output.


We help organizations make critical decisions related to technology.

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‘Having a partnership with an agency who understood our needs was paramount to our success.’ – Alexy, VP Operations