3 Ways to Make Your Cybersecurity Strategy Work

Cybersecurity Strategy is all about ensuring that your teams are one step ahead. This can be a very difficult task, given that the bad guys only have to be right once – and the good guys have to be right all the time.

Everyday struggle

Within any organization, there are limited resources: time, cost and people. It can be a constant challenge to stay ahead of the latest exploits or vulnerabilities. The one thing that might be able to assist your team in ensuring that they are vigilant is process.

Changing the Game

Most times, the vulnerability which companies are exposed is a hybrid of other forms. Similar to a virus in humans, these exploits can evolve over time, finding new and intricate loopholes which can render you helpless to defend against them.

Tomorrow is too late

In a race against time, the best way to ensure these evolving exploits are mitigated is to have clearly defined processes around the way you manage these items. Clear alerting, prioritizing and tracking of exploits in any environment will help teams assess the current situation and potential impact to your landscape.

A Few Tips

  1. Create clear language around the severity. Prioritization is crucial, and having a language that everyone understands can save time and energy in the ‘explanation’ phase of vulnerability management. Make sure everyone gets the rules of the road.
  2. Alerts which are setup correctly. Having alerts to anything and everything may be the vendor solution, but each organization has a different risk profile. Identify which alerts matter to your company based on impact, and make sure the alerts are ready to fire for the right reasons.
  3. Track the actionable steps. Most teams do an excellent job of providing information on the risk, but many forget to close the gap for the next steps. Providing a clear and concise roadmap to teams on how to fix the problems is key – allowing them to see progress and remediate any problem areas.

Remember, the threat landscape is constantly evolving – we may never be fully protected. Ensuring that there are clear steps to mitigate threats is the best way to protect your castle against constantly changing attacks.

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Eric Walker, CEOEric Walker, CEO & Founder, The Next Step Agency
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